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Topanga Beach Snake Pit Vol.2 By Tool

  • Topanga Beach Snake Pit Vol.2 By Tool
  • Topanga Beach Snake Pit Vol.2 By Tool


Topanga Beach Snake Pit Vol.2 1970's- 80's By Tool Art by Toylit And when i first went over to... the Snake Pit, everybody was painting and cleaning, and i thought, "All right! This is pretty good." But that was it. They never did another damn thing the rest of the time that they lived there. They didn't even buy toilet paper. Honest to God! And they'd do this trick (that was kind of a neighborhood thing) where they'd say, "Hey, we're going to the George's Market. You wanna chip in some money?" And you'd give them like $10, and they'd come back with exactly $10 worth of stuff they wanted, and thats it. And no toilet paper! I already had a bad opinion of brain-dead surf guys anyway, but i never met scum until i moved to the Snake Pit. Id never seen thieving bums like i did there. Especially ones that would steal from each other and then be friends the next day because those were the only friends they had. So they'd all forgive each other and go, "Its okay because i robbed you last week" - which was even more frightening!

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