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What's a Surfing Cowboy you ask?

What is a Surfing Cowboy you ask? It is a term that Wayne & Donna Gunther coined to capture a lifestyle of freedom, transformation, and reinvention they found living in California. It's the reason why people come to California from all over the world. It's the essence of the The West, whether you find it on the range, in the ocean or living in your heart.

When Surfing Cowboys opened its doors a special name was required. After all, nothing about the store fit into traditional categories. 

Think of surfers riding the waves, scooters riding the streets, cowboys riding the range. All these things evoke a sense of freedom and spirit for living. Surfing Cowboys was born out of a similar spirit.

Having worked as commercial fashion photographers, Wayne & Donna live their lives as adventurers and travelers, always on the search for experiences and items that catch their eye and imagination. For them everyday is a treasure hunt for beauty, adventure and good times.

The Surfing Cowboys collection has always been eclectic and soulful. Ranging from authentic Navajo rugs, Catalina pottery and vintage Vespas to Hawaiian collectibles, original vintage long boards, iconic pop-culture collectibles and Mid Century design stand-outs, the range has ebbed and flowed with all kinds of amazing pieces passing through the door.

Surfing Cowboys was officially established in 1995 and in 1998, Wayne and Donna turned the front of their Venice Beach photo studio into a store. "Not a traditional antique shop, not a surf shop, not a museum, Surfing Cowboys seemed the appropriate name. "It broke loose of all the retail categories and gave them the freedom to evolve the business organically. People used to walk in and think they were walking into a living room." Wayne & Donna actually lived in the back of the store for several years.

Surfing Cowboys® is a brand unique unto itself, full of honesty, beauty, surprises and inspiration.

Acknowledged as a quiet influencer, Surfing Cowboys has become the go-to resource for designer taste-makers and a secret source of inspiration for some of the worlds biggest brands. For those who want a piece of the California Dream Surfing Cowboys is the place to go.

The range of merchandise has expanded dramatically over the years, it now includes a range of Surfing Cowboys manufactured casual garments, accessories, home furnishings and skateboards, with additional items and collaborations on the horizon. "The Gunther's authentic style and their imaginative ideas seem to spring from an eternal well of creativity" as they replace what they sell with whatever happens to inspire them at a given moment keeping their eye sharp, their verve active and the customers always guessing.

Imagine yourself at home. Walk in door, kick off your flip flops, look around and smile. Everywhere around you are pieces that inspire.

Think of Surfing Cowboys as the source. Wayne and Donna are still out there collecting and creating, but today it's on your behalf.


"Surfing Cowboys is one-stop shopping for the California Lifestyle: selling furniture, home accessories, clothing, rare cultural icons and unique gifts for yourself, family and friends."