Topanga Beach Snake Pit Vol.1 By: Baretta


Topanga Beach Snake Pit Vol.1 By: Baretta Art By: Toylit The Snake Pit got its name because there were always a lot of rattlesnakes down there. Every time I turned around some neighbor was having a snake fit... But that nickname was also coupled with the fact that everyone from Charlie Manson to Johnnie-Satan to Kilroy to Big Dude to Eater to Baretta (and maybe people before us) were considered kind of like snakes because of the personalities and the stuff that went on there. I guess you could call the Snake Pit a shanty village... It looked like a little neighborhood out of some past in England.... Some of the houses had been improvised and just popped up out of no-where... There was very much a protective atmosphere of locals. Everybody knew everybody, and if they didn't know you, and you had no business down there, then you'd better get the hell out because this was their sanctuary....