George Greenough Spoon Surfboard Mold 1970s Original Authenticated by Greenough


This early 1970s George Greenough Spoon Kneeboard mold, authenticated by Greenough is one of the rarest surf items on sale anywhere. We offer this mold which Greenough himself used to make less then 10 Spoon kneeboards back in the early 1970s. Boards from this mold were ridden in his 1973 movie Chrystal Voyager.

George Greenough is arguably the most innovative and influential surfer and surfboard designer of his generation. An American born in Montecito, California and now residing near Byron Bay NSW Australia. George is a living legend and George Greenough Spoons are rare. We have sold two in twenty years. Even rarer is a George Greenough Spoon Mold. We suspect this is the only one in existence.

George is reclusive he lives in a teepee with snakes inhabiting the roof. He has the "I'll leave them alone if they leave me alone" attitude. Getting George to authenticate anything is like getting Moses to authenticate the 10 Commandments! But there you go - we managed the impossible. A letter of authentication, signed by George is included in this sale.

Condition: This mold is 45 + years old. It is made of fiberglass. The inside of the mold is polished smoothly and coated to create a smooth clean spoon blank. The outside is strengthened with fiberglass that is attached to a wooden base so the mold has rigidity and can be used on the ground or put on a table, etc. for ease of use.

Display: This mold can be displayed vertically, horizontally or put on the floor or table to be admired. It could easily be used as a coffee table. Let your imagination roam.   61 inches High 20 inches Wide 9 in Long.

Available for viewing and pick-up by appointment at our retail store and / or please contact us for a shipping quote.