Bing Bonzer Surfboard shaped by Mike Eaton Vintage 1970s


Vintage 1970s Bing Bonzer shaped by Mike Eaton.  Pale blue deck is accented with a royal blue bottom and creamy white bonzer translucent fins. Bing logo on deck. This board was made to be thick and to offer good floatation.  The design is indicative of a time when shapers and surfers were pushing the limits of performance and design. Eaton cut deep channels through the back third of the board and created an almost McTavish deep V tail. 

The Campbell Brothers are credited with inventing the Bonzer but Mike Eaton popularized it and continued using this system on larger boards, presenting it to a larger audience. This board has repair to the tail (but not to the Bonzers). This board has a few pressure dings, a few small repairs and some scratches from authentic use - it is otherwise in good ridable (and displayable) condition. The deck measures 85.5 inches long x 22.5 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep. The removable center fin is 8 inches deep.