Original Vintage PLM Railway Travel Poster Route des Alpes et du Jura 1920s

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This original vintage PLM Railway Route Des Alpes Et Du Jura Poster celebrates the the Jura Crest Trail, a winding road traversing the Swiss Alps Jura heights to connect Zurich to Geneva.  It is considered the classic among Switzerland's national long-distance trails. The poster title translates to "The Way of An Eagle", it features a giant brown eagle perched on a roadside cliff glaring down at passengers in tour buses ascending the peach and green cliffs; lettering in white on blue. 

  • Excellent condition
  • Artwork by Dric, 
  • Printed circa 1920, Champenois, Paris.  
  • Mounted on linen.  
  • Poster Dimensions: 39.75 in W" x 24.75 in H
  • Linen Dimensions:  41.75 in W x 26.75 in H