Duke Kahanamoku Skateboard Point of Purchase Display


This extremely rare Duke Kahanamoku skateboard point of sale display looks great on a shelf, table top, tiki or sports bar.  The design is constructed with one red and one wood-tone Duke skateboard decks flanking either side, the central area features a low wattage light bulb with an opaque cover featuring an image of the Duke.  The light works as a dim accent lamp. The back and sides are decorated with strips of bamboo.

This display item was made in the 1980s or early 90's by a few individuals who thought they had the rights to reissue the Duke Kahanamoku skateboard line and for a limited time actively created merchandise and marketing materials to launch the brand. This point of purchase display is one of their creations.  We estimate that no more then three of these displays were ever produced as they ceased operations shortly into production. A rare and wonderful skate collectible that will be appreciated by any collector of skate or surf memorabilia and or for all fans of duke Kahanamoku, the larger then life figure who was revered as  the Ambassador of Aloha, the father of modern day surfing and of course his world class Olympic swimming, and wonderful looks.

    Excellent condition, very light wear
    Dimensions: 18 in H x 14.5 in W x 7 in D
    Lamp works
    Circa 1980 or early 1990s
    Made in USA