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Dale Velzy is Hawk Book



The amazing adventures of a larger-than-life California surfer, cowboy, biker, hot-rodder and board design pioneer, and his role in the birth of the $10 billion global boardsports business. Dale Velzy's story is set in a time and place where a combination of climate, geography, local aerospace industry materials and Hollywood's media machine made California and surfing virtually synonymous, giving rise to a new business model and a youth culture phenomenon that swept the world. Velzy, known as Hawk, didn't single-handedly invent the surf lifestyle and industry, but his pioneering work as a craftsman, his charismatic personality and his knack for sales and promotions did much to establish the ethos, attitude and style. Surfing and the surf industry couldn't have developed without individuals as talented, determined, and downright unconventional as Dale Velzy. Through the prism of his extraordinary life, this book shows how it happened.

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