Ben Aipa Swallow-Tail Sting Surfboard, 1974


Original 1974 Ben Aipa "Sting" Surfboard.  Excellent condition with some professional restoration.  This surfboard screams ride-me with early seventies panache and shot board revolution energy.  Pearly-grey with grape fade on rails and red pinstripe.  Clear logo.

This design allowed great down the line speed and easy turning from the center of the board. Thickness allows flotation and easy take-off.  It also looks AMAZING hanging on the wall.

Ben Aipa invented the "Sting" (Never call it a "Stinger" around Ben as collectors will know, this Sting has been incorporated into the lexicon of many modern surfboard shapers and to this day is still one of the integral parts of surfboard shaping history.    80" L x 20" Wide (with removable fin)

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