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About Us

"Surfing Cowboys" is a term that Wayne and Donna Gunther invented 25 years ago to capture a lifestyle of freedom, transformation, and reinvention. It’s the reason why people come to California from all over the world. It's the essence of The West, whether you find it on the range, in the ocean or living in your heart. Surfing Cowboys evolved out of this spirit into an internationally recognized brand (all be it a small one).  

The Gunther's sense of style, knowedge and curatorial abilities have distinguished them as experts in their arena and leaders in their field. Their essence merges icons of beach culture, mid-century design, rustic Americana, cool Euro and pop-culture into a seamless style. Their "look" is credited for always shifting and yet remarkably staying the same, their curation is credited for inspiring a genre.

For the Gunthers everyday is an adventure. They live deeply rooted in their personal aesthetic and experiences. Using their life as a two-lane blacktop with a nod to the past and an eye to the future, they live a life in which ideas, aesthetics and objects of inspiration are cultivated, curated, put on view, and offered for sale.

After 22 years of retail, when the lease on their most recent Venice Blvd location came up for renewal, the Gunther's made the decision to take a short break from the brick-and-mortar trenches to focus on design and curatorial projects that interest them while at the same time evolving Surfing Cowboys in to its next incarnation.

So, with the same verve that inspired them to shift from fashion photography to retail 21 years earlier they decided to take a leap. Temporarily closing their brick and mortar store to lean back and take in the wide view as they begin their next Surfing Cowboys adventure.

Retail is still a big part of their lives and the back-bone of thier business. Surfing Cowboys merchandise including finds from their travels and branded goods can be purchased both on the website surfingcowboys.com, from their creative headquarters in Mar Vista just minutes from their old location and at venues where they pop-up.

The Gunthers are riding a new wave and invite allies large and small to reach-out as they chart their next course.

It's been an amazing trip to this point (read what the press has had to say about it here) and in their heart of hearts they feel that the best is yet to come.