"Surfing Cowboys" is a term that Wayne and Donna Gunther coined over 25 years ago to capture the lifestyle of freedom, transformation and reinvention they found in California. The reason why people come to California from all over the world. It's the essence of The West, whether you find it on the range, in the ocean or living in your heart. Surfing Cowboys evolved out of this spirit into an internationally recognized brand (all be it a small one).  

The Gunther's sense of style, knowledge and curatorial abilities have distinguished them as experts in their arena and leaders in their field. The Surfing Cowboys essence merges icons of beach culture, mid-century design, rustic Americana, cool Euro and pop-culture. Their "look" is credited for always shifting and yet remarkably staying the same, their curation is credited for inspiring a genre. The Gunthers are considered by many to be the godparents of California mid-century popular culture curation. Their work and the unique environments they’ve created have inspired innumerable designers and brands seeking to replicate the look/feel/vibe of Surfing Cowboys®: Defenders of the California Dream.

For Wayne and Donna everyday is an adventure. They live deeply rooted in their personal aesthetic and experiences; using their life as a two-lane blacktop with a nod to the past and an eye to the future.  They enjoy engaging in design and curatorial projects that interest them and live a life in which ideas, aesthetics and objects of inspiration are cultivated, curated, put on view, and offered for sale.


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The Gunthers are riding a new wave in their location at 3848 Cross Creek Road Malibu CA 90265.  They invite allies large and small to reach-out as they chart their next course.


Surfing Cowboys has had an amazing journey, read what the press has had to say about it here, and if you ask Wayne or Donna they'll tell you that the best is yet to come.


P.S.: All photos featured below were taken by Wayne or Donna -  EXCEPT for those on the banner at the bottom which were unsolicited, are used with permission and taken from our customers postings on Instagram. surfingcowboys-brandv4-onestop-web.jpg