Wikies Vintage Swimsuit Ensemble, Circa 1930s, Framed

  • Wikies Vintage Swimsuit Ensemble, Framed
  • Wikies Swimsuit Buckle
  • Wikies Swimsuit Point of Sale Advertisement
  • Wikies Swimsuit Buckle
  • Wikies Vintage Swimsuit Ensemble, Circa 1930s, Framed
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It’s estimated that there were only 400 or so surfers in California in the 1930s, when these wool Wikies swim-suits were released.  Needless to say very few of the swimsuits survive in this condition, and to find a collection such as this with the interchangeable belt buckles is near impossible. 

The use of Buster Crabbe as the promoter for the swimsuit line was a given, the 2-time Olympic Swimmer turned actor (Tarzan and Flash Gordon) was an avid surfer and golden at the time! 

This Wikies Swimsuit Ensemble is framed and ready to go - it features:

  • Point of purchase display image featuring two-time Olympic Swimmer Buster Crabbe wearing a Wikies Swimsuit. 
  • 3 corresponding collectible Wikies Swimsuits, one Navy, one Blue, one Burgundy, each with a creamy white woven fabric belt and metal buckle 
  • 3 additional Wikies Surfer Belt Buckles (metal buckles featuring surfer in relief)
  • Frame measures: 33" W x 33" H x 2" D
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