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Skateboards + Art

Skateboarding or 'surfing the streets' as it was sometimes referred to - began on these small wood boards with metal wheels in the 1950s. The skateboard craze rolled its way through big cities and into small towns across America during the freewheeling youth movements of the 1960s and 70s. Traveling down roads with the wind in their hair, the youth of America found themselves cruising 2 inches above the ground on which the trials and tribulations that accompanied an era stood. We grabbed our boards and hit the streets. Raging all around us, on tv screens, transistor radios and street corners, were the sounds and images of controversies: The Vietnam War, Women's Lib, The Civil Rights Movement and more. This era of Music and Mind expansion was marked by Martin Luther King, the Kennedys, The Watergate Scandal years and more. Our parents TVs might have been broadcasting news of the war and the movements, in addition to All In The Family, and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Us kids would grab our boards and hit the streets - with an awareness (or not) of all the chaos around us. We skated into the future, singing a song. Today - Surfing Cowboys is pleased to offer a variety of hand-selected vintage skateboards - some are prized by collectors for their mint condition and snazzy graphics. Some are well used, simple and with loads of authentic wear. In our eyes and to our sensibility - both are special and both deserve to be displayed. They're reminders, wrapped in the patina of dreams and energy of the youth from an era - an era not so long ago when we made great strides and found our pride. We have many boards available -at a broad range of prices. They're not ALL on our website or even visible in our store so please reach out and permit us to assist you with your selection and your purchase. They make great gifts, great decorative items and great reminders to catch some wind.