Steve McQueen's Personal Motorcycle Jacket and Gary Propper Signature Hobie Surfboard, Late 1960s


This was Steve McQueen's personal jacket, and this Gary Propper signature surfboard is the first Hobie signature model made for an East Coast champion. The story that binds these two items together is as significant as the items themselves and so we are offering the two items, along with a letter of authentication, in one lot.

In the late 1960s Steve McQueen gave this jacket to Gary Propper, the 1967 East Coast Surfing Champion, in a chance meeting. Please read on for additional details as told to me (Wayne Gunther) by Garry Propper regarding events that took place one day in the late 1960s (the details are also documented in the letter from Gary):

"Bruce Brown, Mickey Munoz and I were hanging outside the Hobie surf shop in Dana Point. I was on the West Coast to discuss my signature Garry Propper model Hobie Surfboard. Bruce was on break from filming On Any Sunday. An old pick up with two dirt bikes in the back pulled up and Steve McQueen got out.  I was introduced to Steve as the East Coast Surfing Champion, we talked for a while and the conversation flowed. I was 19 and he was my hero.

I mentioned that I had an appointment with artist Bill Ogden who was doing the logo artwork for my Hobie Signature Surfboard and was scheduled to meet him that afternoon at the Sound Spectrum in Laguna Beach. Steve said he was going that way and could drop me off.  On the way Steve and I talked. We bonded around the fact that neither of us knew our fathers.  

I don't know if it was the realization of traveling down PCH with Steve McQueen or it was my weak Florida constitution for cold that got to me but I suddenly started to shake. As Steve pulled over to drop me off he reached into the back of the cab and said: 'You look cold, here, I want you to have this' - and handed me the jacket."

Please see Gary's signed account on the letter included with photos.

Today Gary Propper is a successful businessman, he is the owner of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Manager of many successful entertainers. Propper authenticated the jacket after generously donating it to a charity auction where we acquired it.

The surfboard included in this sale is the Gary Propper signature Hobie model featuring the art that Bill Ogden and Gary were meeting about that day.

Surfboard dimensions are: 9 foot 4 inches long x 22 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep, fin is 9.75 inches deep. The surfboard is in original condition and exhibits light wear.

The jacket, that belonged to Steve McQueen, is a medium size (Steve McQueen was 5'10"), and exhibits age consistent with authentic use as indicated in photos.

Additional photos are available of both items along with the letter of authenticity may be viewed in person at our Store or Creative Headquarters.

Please contact us with any questions and for purchasing and shipping details.