Location & Hours

Store Location:
Surfing Cowboys
3848 Cross Creek Road
Malibu CA 90265
e-mail scout@surfingcowboys.com
phone: 310-915-6611
text: 310-490-4826
In response to the Covid-19 outbreak The Surfing Cowboys physical store is temporarily closed to the public. Our team, however is working remotely to assist customers with design consultations and purchases.
Wayne & Donna (neither of whom exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms) are working both from the store and their home office to engage with customers remotely and keep the business active.  They are photographing merchandise, creating a new website, and consulting with clients on product placement and purchases via phone, email and web-cam. Natalie (who also does not exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms) is working remotely from home.
Mailing Address:
Surfing Cowboys
171 Pier Ave #454
Santa Monica CA 90405
Acknowledged as a quiet influencer, Surfing Cowboys is the go-to resource for designers and taste-makers as well as a secret source of inspiration for some of the worlds biggest brands.  For those who want a piece of the California Dream there has only been one place to go - Surfing Cowboys - where the carefully curated, uniquely displayed collection of iconic pieces and unique accessories is sure to wow, the overall atmosphere is “feel-good”, and the living is easy.
Respected as one of the few standouts in an overwhelming corporate retail culture, Surfing Cowboys   also curates and holds exhibitions of previously unseen collections, collaborates on projects of interest  and invites consultations. Plans are in the works to evolve Surfing Cowboys branded merchandise, create custom furniture, offer design consultations and expand industry rentals.  
Surfing Cowboys utilizes their magical mix of mid century furniture, California artisan design, vintage surf and skate, collectible travel posters, art, jewelry, vintage clothing, books, rare cultural icons and their own clothing line to create an experience like no other.  
Our new location in Malibu Village, is comfortably situated, has high ceilings, fabulous light and plenty of parking. The ideal place to pull in, unwind, be inspired, and find a gem.

We look forward to seeing you when the Covid-19 Virus passes and we can swing open the doors again.
Be well,
Wayne & Donna
Surfing Cowboys
3848 Cross Creek Road, Malibu CA 90265