Green Turquoise and Silver Ring, Size 10, Vintage, USA

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We are offering this vintage green turquoise and silver ring from our personal collection.  This ring was made in the Southwestern United States and we have always felt that it was not made for the tourism industry but rather for the the jeweler him/herself, custom made for a friend or member of his/her community.  The stone is predominantly green turquoise with gold veins and flecks of a radiant (almost lapis) blue. While is well-made there is also a wonderful rustic quality inherent in it as displayed in the photos. The setting and band are captivating, with a winding silver coil detail framing the stone, strength in the layers of the setting, a wide band that tapers towards the back of the finger, delicate hand stamping and the initials W.A.B. stamped in a rope-like script.  This ring has obviously been worn and enjoyed, there are signs of use and a warmth to it that speaks to the soul. Our guess is that it was made between 1940 and 1970.  It's size 10.