All Original Rick, Mike Eaton Bonzer Surfboard, 1973


All original and wonderful Rick Bonzer surfboard, shaped by Mike Eaton, circa 1973. In addition to the amazing color and shape it is indicative of a time when shapers and surfers were pushing the limits of performance and design. Mike Eaton cut deep channels through the back third of this Diamond Tail Pin. He made it thick enough to support a larger person. We can only describe the color as muted tangerine/pumpkin, creamy white bonzer-fins offer dynamic accent. It is presented with a rainbow fin in orange and yellow. The Rick logo, on the deck as photographed. A truly amazing specimen. The Campbell Brothers are credited with inventing the Bonzer but Mike Eaton popularized it and continued using this system on larger boards, presenting it to a larger audience. This board has repair to the tail (but not to the Bonzers). It has a few pressure dings but otherwise it is in good ridable condition. The deck measures 90.5 inches (7 feet 5 inches) long x 19.5 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep. The fin is 8 inches deep.

90.5 inches High 19.5 inches Wide x2.5 inches Deep