1957 Motobecane Moby Scooter


1957 Motobecane Moby 125cc scooter in good condition sold with a spare engine.  This original vintage Motobecane was running last we started it - we currently keep the tank empty as it lives inside.  Sold complete with papers and an extra engine for those who like to tinker.  This is a very special scooter - it is not for the daily driver without mechanical prowess.  There are very few of this model located in the States so parts will be thin on the ground - that said if you enjoy being original and riding a bike that no-one else has - this just may be the one for you!  Original paint, seat and guts. (Sold with a spare engine.)

The Motobecane company was established in 1924 in Pantin, Paris and continued producing mopeds and motorcycles until 1984 when it became part of Yamaha and the name was changed to MBK. The final French built velosolexes in the late 70s and early 80s were badged as motobecane MBKs. During the 1950s the company attempted to take on Lambretta and Vespa by producing 125cc scooters. They sold some in France they never sold well in the rest of Europe compared to the Italian manufacturers. The Moby was a deluxe model and this one dates from 1957. Survivors are now very rare.

Moby, is a model of moped by French manufacturer Motobécane. The Moby was launched in 1949 . The word "Mobylette" has since become something of a genericized trademark in the French language, referring to mopeds in general.