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About Us

Wayne and Donna Gunther are the creators and curators of an aesthetic movement that evolved during their years traveling the globe as fashion photograpwayne-donna-gunther-by-matt-titone.jpghers and was encapsulated 20 years ago when they converted their former live-in photo studio, located on Venice's Abbot Kinney Blvd, into their first Surfing Cowboys® retail location.  

Not about labels or pretension their curation of merchandise is dictated by what they find themselves inspired by at any given moment.  

They live deeply rooted in their personal aesthetic and experiences; using their life as a two-lane blacktop connecting the past with the present, in the now. Remembering where they've been so they know where they're going.   

Surfing Cowboys® is their love child, born out of the love of life, beauty, freedom and expression.  It embraces a state of mind and a universal feeling that extends to a far reaching community of supporters around the globe. 

At its core Surfing Cowboys is a creative studio in which ideas, aesthetics and objects of inspiration are cultivated, curated, put on view and offered for sale. The brand literally grew out of the Gunther's fashion photography business.

Their aesthetic has found its way into homes and businesses around the world. They offer merchandise, creative services and consultation out of a well curated space that supports their brand view and has been written up in magazines, blogs and travel guides around the world. Their mix merges icons of beach culture, mid-century design and pop-culture into a seamless style. 

Surfing Cowboys® is commonly referred to as the go-to source to tap into authentic California culture, to purchase surf collectibles, functional design furnishings and accessories for both home and life. The business caters to collectors, designers, companies and regular folk.

Recognized as one of the foremost purveyors of vintage surf collectibles in the world Wayne & Donna curate and consult on acquisitions of all sizes, from a single vintage board to a whole quiver.  As creative consultants they invite and participate on various projects, both commercial and residential, of all sizes.


Indoek recently published a four page interview with the Gunther's CLICK HERE TO READ IT.


Surfing Cowboys stocks an eclectic, ever-changing mix of hand-picked collectibles, surf-culture icons and legendary design pieces from Mid-Century Modern to vintage California lifestyle. You might find the perfect 1960’s wood burning fireplace and teak dining table, or discover one-of-a-kind jewelry created by local artists, alongside our own signature SCVB T-shirts. Surfing Cowboys defines authentic beach culture. Stop by and see what’s new (before it’s gone!).