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Indoek - Venice, Issue 1- 05.20.2016

indoek-surfing-cowboys.pngIndoek  - Venice,  Issue 1- 05.20.2016

"Wayne & Donna Gunther are living the American Dream. In the early ‘90s, they decided to give up their lucrative, fast-paced jobs in fashion and photography to drive 30,000 miles all over the country, collecting artifacts of a certain aesthetic and vision along the way. They ended up in Venice – Abbot Kinney specifically, which was at that point was still an artist in residence community. Surfing Cowboys was born of their travels and eclectic love for California and surf culture, it is essentially a museum of sorts where everything is for sale. Before the internet and eBay, this was the spot to get the rare gems you were looking for, or to find creative inspiration from relics of the past. Once an iconic landmark of Abbot Kinney ’s local character, the shop has since moved a bit east on Venice Boulevard." Read the four page interview: