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All is found within the pages of a good book.
art. architecture. design. surf. skate. philosophy. style.

Hobie – Master of Water, Wind and Waves
Tom Blake—The Uncommon Journey of a Pioneer Waterman
Dale Velzy Is Hawk
Peanuts "I'm not talkin' about the way it was, just the way it's never gonna be again"
"Stan Bitters" The Book
Modern Originals: At Home with MidCentury European Designers
Handmade Houses A Century of Earth-Friendly Home Design by Richard Olsen
Handcrafted Modern: At Home with Mid-Century Designers, Written by Leslie Williamson
California Moderne and the Mid-Century Dream: The Architecture of Edward H. Fickett
Gregory Ain: The Modern Home as Social Commentary
Architecture of the Sun: Los Angeles Modernism 1900-1970 Written by Thomas S. Hines
A Constructed View: The Architectural Photography of Julius Shulman
Julius Shulman: Palm Springs
A Golden Age, Surfings Revolutionary 1960s and '70s by John Witzig
Tiny Homes on the Move: Wheels and Water
Tiny Homes by Lloyd Kahn
Builders of the Pacific Coast
Home Work Handbuilt Shelter
You Are A Circle, by Guillaume Wolf "Prof. G"
Shelters, Shacks and Shanties Book
Topanga Beach Experience 1960's 1970's
Topanga Beach Snake Pit
Surf to Skate: Evolution to Revolution Book
1960's Surf Magazine Collector and Price Guide - An Identification Guide for the Surf Enthusiast
1960's Surfboard Collectors Guide, An identification and Value Guide for the Surf Historian

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